Grand Tour Photography Trekking Photos English Lake District
Grand Tour Photography Trekking Photos English Lake District

Grand Tour: a major travel-photo addition to the site, documenting a 5-week European rail tour of 20 towns and cities with classical music connections – in Austria, Germany, the Czech Rebublic and Poland. With more than 1,300 images and 40,000 words of text, putting it together has kept me busy for several months...! >

In the rest of the site, photo galleries present creative and travel photography from 30 years ago until today – plus English Lake District images, and trekking photos from the wild landscapes of Iceland, the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, and from the Pindos Mountains in north-western Greece.

I use that awkward word 'creative' on the site, for want of anything better, to mean photos for their own sakes, pictures which might have some meaning (for me at least) or might end up on a photo exhibition wall, or on show at a camera club.

Photography was initially just an interest for me, then became a serious hobby, and finally turned into a part of my working life in one way or another. Many of the images on the site are available hi-res for commercial or editorial use; some are now available as prints.

The main sections of the site are:

Photography: A collection of photo galleries, most now of creative digital photography and other pictures from recent years, plus a fair amount of earlier work as well, including my successful panel for Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), way back when...>

Grand Tour: 1320 travel photos, and diary, from a tour by rail of 20 European destinations including Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Leipzig and Berlin. Photo notes, train details and comments on classical music concerts...>

Trekking: Photos from three 2-week treks: in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, the superb wild landscape of Iceland, and in the Pindos mountains of northern Greece, with some diary notes and comments ...>

Lake District: More than 90 photos of the English Lake District, in different seasons and in a range of weather conditions, grouped into five main Lake District walking areas. Some now available here as prints...>

'Postcards': Intended for general travel photography; currently featuring pictures of the very attractive Greek island of Symi...>

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