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Image of the Month | September 2016

The image posted here each month is usually a new addition to the site. Sadly it often doesn't happen on time – or at all – despite my best intentions to do the update in the first few days of each month. Earlier Images of the Month are shown in the growing IOTM Archive, which is now spread over several pages.
Image of the Month
‘Number 19’

Number 19. A shot from my first attempt to photograph ice hockey, on this occasion Milton Keynes Lightning v Peterborough Phantoms. Ice hockey is fast and somewhat unpredictable, not normal conditions for me! The light level was relatively low – although perfectly good for the spectators – meaning that I had to use ISO3200 which I regard as absolute maximum on the D800, yet still had a shutter speed lower than the 1/2000th I would have preferred. But it was a great evening and I came away with some usable images, most of which I would describe as arty rather than sporty.

Technical: NIKON D800, f=300.0 mm, ISO3200, 1/1250 sec @ f4.0

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