A sunny autumn Sunday morning. I walked to the Jakobskirche and spent some time enjoying the unfamiliar sun and the autumn colours in the churchyard, where the painter Lucas Cranach the Elder is buried; an appropriate memorial against the wall of the church. The tombstone here is a copy, the original being in the Herderkirche. Goethe's wife Christiane is buried nearby; Goethe and Christiane Vulpius were finally married in the Jakobskirche in 1806, after scandalously living together for 18 years.

Weimar was the first place on the Tour where I'd been aware of any autumn leaves; the trees had still been defiantly green in Leipzig only a day or two before. A couple of Goethe groups, who hovered over Christiane's grave for a while, but they didn't stay long and the churchyard was peaceful. High contrast lighting, with bright sun on the light walls of the church against the fallen leaves on the grass, much of which was in shadow. A large but playful black and white cat was chasing the conkers as they fell – it didn't want to talk but posed for a few seconds for photos.

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