From the Jakobskirche, to the north of the city centre, I made my way down towards the centre by a circuitous route as far as the Stadtkirche St Peter und Paul, generally known as the Herderkirche in memory of Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), the German philosopher and writer, who preached here over a period of some 30 years towards the end of his life. His statue stands in front of the church. It was difficult to take satisfactory photos due to parked cars and a huge red rubbish skip, so many of them are looking up through the trees, or make use of the flowers on the small fountain.

Being a Sunday the church was closed to visitors until the afternoon; I'd intended to return later to look inside – in particular to see the triptych altar painting, almost certainly painted, or at least finished, by Lucas Cranach the Younger in honour of his father, which depicts Cranach and his friend Martin Luther as prominent spectators at a Crucifixion scene – but I was distracted by other Weimar highlights and didn't make it back.

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