After checking-in to my hotel, 1km west along Al Jerozolimskie from Warsaw's Centralna station – and waiting patiently behind a large group of women on a course or maybe a cultural visit (Danish perhaps, the woman in front of me had a Danish passport) who took ages to sort out who was sharing with whom – I went out to see if there was anything worth photographing in the neighbourhood. On the way to the hotel I'd stopped briefly at Wayne's Coffee, an unusually civilised place rather in the Austrian style.

There was not a lot to catch my eye, but I moved towards and round the hated communist-era Palace of Culture and Science, finding some images of a few other tall buildings on the way. Some pleasant and very welcome sunshine while I was out; I had hoped to find a nice cafe in which to sit and enjoy it, but no luck. I deliberately didn't try to get to the old part of the city, rebuilt after the war, as I'd spent some time there in 2006 and wouldn't have had a sensible amount of time there on this occasion. After dinner, an early night to prepare for my 07:25 train to Berlin from Centralna in the morning.

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