An interesting tour (in German) of the inside of the monastery; I didn't understand a great deal of what was said, but I got to see (and photograph) much of it, including the most fantastic decorated library dating from 1751, containing 1000 hand-written manuscripts dating back to the 9th century, 800 incunabula (books printed prior to 1501), and 125,000 other printed books. The library was built by Gotthard Hayberger and has a ceiling by Bartolomeo Altomonte depicting the marriage of Virtue and Science blessed by Religion. Also the Marble Hall, an Austrian Baroque masterpiece by Jakob Prandtauer, with a ceiling created by Martin Altomonte and finished by his son Bartolomeo.

I didn't photograph the outstanding series of paintings by Albrecht Altdorfer, dating from around 1500+, which are displayed in a special room with low intensity lighting (I didn't take any pics because no-one else was, so I thought perhaps we'd been asked not to). [Later, from Wikipedia: "Taking and developing the landscape style of Lucas Cranach the Elder... his most famous religious artwork is the The Legend of St. Sebastian and the Passion of Christ that decorated the altar in the St. Florian monastery in Linz, Austria."]

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