On my first morning in Prague the sun is shining – glory be! – and I set off towards the Hrad, up the short approach road which starts a few doors down the hill from my apartment. The tour groups are gathering in Hradčanské náměstí, the large square in front of the Hrad, and a little quartet (violin, flute, accordion, bass) is playing jolly music; actually they're pretty good, and play a good variety, including some classical pieces.

I take some photos of the tour groups and the band, and of the Japanese lady sitting on her stool in front of the band while taking photos of something else, and of some chaps suspended on ropes painting the front of the Archbishop's Palace. Then wander west away from the Hrad and take a few pics of the Toscánský Palace. I end up at the top of Úvoz; it's quiet and peaceful, and the buildings look super in the morning sun.

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