Karlův most [the Charles Bridge] was busy with sightseers, and had building works at the western end, but was very pleasant in the sun in that laid-back holiday sort of way. I didn't attempt to photograph any of the famous statues that line the bridge, which can really only be done early in the day when it's quiet, but I did spent some time with a trad jazz band. Then up the eastern, Staré Město, bridge tower – somehow taller than I expected it to be – to look down on the bridge, and for the postcard view of St Vitus cathedral in the distance.

I grabbed a night shot of the bridge and the eastern tower on my way back from a concert in the Rudolfinum, and again at the end of my final day in Prague, as I walked over the Mánesuv bridge. The sky was dark grey and threatening, the river Vlatava inky black: my final images of Prague.

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