The Nikolaikirche has a remarkable, late 18th century, white and pink and pastel green leafy interior; photos of the contrasting and sombre mediaeval exterior are hopeless, with the church being hemmed in by other buildings, as is so often the case. The church was the rallying point for protestors during the Wende, the peaceful revolution that led to the end of Communist rule, and ultimately to German reunification.

A small bust of Johann Sebastian Bach just inside the west entrance. There were only a few visitors, but many were taking photos of this wonderful decoration. Suddenly I was aware that I'd been targetted from the other end of the church by a busy young man who approached me, very agitated, and spluttered something about photos which I didn't understand; a German man nearby, who spoke English, kindly explained that he was concerned about people taking commercial photos. "Take as many as you wish, but not for sale." It's one of the problems of using a semi-pro camera with a big lens, I suppose, although no-one else on the Tour has asked any questions. And no, they and the other interior photos here are not for sale without permission.

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