I stopped in Brno, on the way from Vienna to Prague, to visit the Leoš Janáček museum. My train arrived in Brno 30 minutes late at 12:15, and the station felt busy and chaotic after the orderly and business-like feel of Vienna. But I found the left-luggage lockers easily, deposited my suitcase after buying a snack to get some Czech coins, and set off to try to understand the tram ticketing system. In a tobacconist I bought a ticket for one hour's travel – a weird system when you don't know how far it is – and climbed onto a busy No. 3, which groaned at less than walking pace through a busy pedestrian area, with people walking in every direction around the tram.

Brno highlight

Leoš Janáček Museum

Getting off the tram at stop Ceska, as in my notes, I found a street map and eventually located the junction of Smetanova and Kounicova, 150 yards away. The Janáček Museum is just off this junction, behind the organ school. When I arrived it was locked and the curator out for lunch, but someone from the organ school kindly let me in. Ten minutes later the curator returned, and she proceeded to give me a brilliant 40-minute tour of the two rooms, with a huge amount of interesting detail. There are many small exhibits...

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I took some photos inside the museum, grabbed a couple outside, and finally left at 14:20 to walk back to the station, which I decided would be quicker than taking the tram. The route is actually just straight though the centre and the walk took less than 20 minutes, leaving me in good time for the 15:07 to Prague.

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